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The Cossacks urge the State Duma to ban professions for gays and lesbians

In Samara some professions may be banned for the LGBT citizens. Participants of the Cossack association "Krasnoglinskaya" are demanding to deprive gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from work in education, in the state media, as well as to adopt children. Gay magazines and web sites are also causing dissatisfaction with the Orthodox Cossacks.

This is how they state it in the appeal sent to the deputies of the State Duma. It was allegedly supported by all members of the Cossacks' Congress, 300 in number. The requirement was supported by representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The appeal names the "stinking influence of homosexuals," and accuses gays and lesbians "in all the troubles and temptations of history, pursuing our people". That is why the Orthodox Cossacks demanded that the legislature put a barrier to "the campaign of sodomites against the traditional public morality."

Samara Region remains one of the most homophobic in the country. Reports of violence against LGBT citizens, homophobic actions, and even murder come from the region.

In 2010, an incredibly light sentence in Samara was given to the killer of a 22-year-old gay man. Five and a half years in prison, the minimum period reserved in the law article. 22-year-old boy was beaten to death by an unnamed man at the Russia Navy Day in 2009 for having allegedly "molested" him.

In 2008, the entire country learned of a rock singer from Samara, who accused gays as the reason why she did not pass the selection round at "Eurovision", taking only the last place.

Samara homo-haters for many years pursued with impunity the honored artist of Russia, Boris Moiseev, arranging protests at the time of his shows in the region.

Organized gay movement in Samara was absent since the beginning of the 2000s. In 2008 Russian LGBT Network opened its Samara office. However, nothing is known of its work. The life of gays and lesbians are still mainly confined to the night clubs. It is therefore difficult to understand where "sodomit wickedness footsteps" were heard by Cossacks and their nourishing representatives of the Orthodox Church.


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