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Russian gay people have little knowledge about HIV post-exposure prophylaxis

European Internet survey of men who have sex with men (EMIS-2010), showed dramatically low level of knowledge among Russian homosexuals about post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

It is noted that their knowledge on general issues of HIV is high enough, especially in St. Petersburg. Even the knowledge about post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) there is significantly (5%) higher than in Russia as a whole.  

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Kostroma: "promotion of homosexuality" made a crime, gay activists detained violently
 4 февраля 2013 года · 27/12/2011 Kostroma: "promotion of homosexuality" made a crime, gay activists detained violently 
· 26/12/2011 The Cossacks urge the State Duma to ban professions for gays and lesbians 
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23 May
· "Rainbow association" has little sympathy for gays
The "Rainbow association" has appeared on queer scene spontaneously - it is a good-will participate in our educational and entertainment events. Many of them come to get an advice and moral as well legal support because we believe that LGBT rights and its protection are some of the principal goals of our organization. 

12 January
· Elena Botsman: I am not afraid that everything will come to an end for already a long time
Elena Botsman – this name is so long known in the community that it can be compared only with the names of Debryanskaya and Gusyatinskaya. And today her club is the destination for hundreds of girls and women from Moscow and the province... 

14 October
· The Word Order
Although the majority of internet-users agree that “ Livejournal” has faded away, Russian users are still reading and enjoying it. We have chosen the most interesting blogs and asked their authors to tell about their online diaries. 

14 May
· It is natural to dance
More and more people go to pair dance studios to learn skills of tango, salsa, hustle dances. Very often this move totally changes their lives. But where to go to learn dancing for two ladies? Well, Moscow has a place to go – it is “3dance studio” - the first dance school for special girls, as we are. Its organizers – Las and Dem tell to the “Pinx” paper how they have managed it. 

4 January
· Petersburg is responsible for...
Same-sex marriage will never be a reality in Russia, assure sociologists from Saint-Petersburg. But one should not seek the cause of this in vague hindrances of the conservative Russian society. 

23 December
· Eastern Europe Gays' Sexual Behavior More Unsafe
Researchers found that sexual behavior of gay men from Eastern Europe is more unsafe than of their Southern colleagues 

10 November
· Carrying One’s Cross
Only one week ago, Arseny turned 35. He is medium height, with an unathletic figure, he has thick, wavy hair, so he wears it very short. He has deep-set grey eyes, a small nose, thin lips and a chin that resembles someone who is strong-willed. You cannot call Arseny handsome by any means, perhaps because of the “beard” that he wears, possibly for some other reason. 

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